E-mail Broadcaster Tool
Our E-mail Broadcaster Tool allows you to send an E-mail to everyone in your CSA or just one specific group. For example, if you had a Pick-up location closing, you could send an E-mail to every member in the vicinity asking if any would be willing to host a new pick-up site. You can also narrow that list down even more by sending it to only those who have previously specified that they would be interested in hosting a site.

Additionally, the E-mail Broadcaster Tool can break down members by specific share type. In the event that you offer a fruit share scheduled to start July 15th, but the fruit is not yet ready to be harvested, you can send an E-mail to the fruit shares to inform them that delivery will start two weeks later than anticipated. Likewise, if you are not going to be delivering on a particular day due to a holiday or a broken vehicle, you can send out an E-mail to members based on their day of delivery.

Most farms E-mail a weekly newsletter to their members. With the E-mail Broadcaster Tool you can prepare this once a week and schedule it for delivery the morning of, or the evening prior, to the member's share pick-up. This encourages a positive relationship between the farmer and his CSA members. E-mail Broadcaster will send this newsletter on the appropriate day for each customer automatically.

At some CSAs there are members eager to help out on the farm. E-mail Broadcaster can be used to manage this as well. For example, if you plan Spring Cleaning on a certain set of dates, you can use this tool to send an E-mail to those members who are willing to help out so they can plan their schedules accordingly.

In addition, the E-mail Broadcaster Tool offers the option of sending a simple, automated E-mail designed solely to remind the member of pick-up day each week. The member can choose to receive this notice the morning of, or the evening prior to delivery day. This simple, automated reminder is quite helpful during the middle of the growing season when farm work is especially busy and longer notices, like newsletters, are too time consuming to send out. A weekly reminder helps eliminate unpicked-up shares.

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