Getting Started
  • 1) Sign Up:
    This is a two-step process, which takes about five minutes. We don't ask for your credit card and we won't send you a bill while you try the CSA toolbox. If you like and want to use the CSA toolbox, there is a yearly service fee each July, and is only $1.50 per member per year. If you decide the CSA toolbox is not for you then you do not pay. Simply write "cancel" on the invoice and return it to us.

  • 2) Customize Preferences:
    This is also where you will take a few minutes to share a brief description of your farm with your members and potential members. Do you allow temporary order suspensions for members on vacation? Do you offer home delivery? Will you offer payment by credit card? You will be given the opportunity to customize this information for your farm and your farming practices.

  • 3) Set Up Your Pick-up Locations:
    Establish Pick-up locations (including your own farm) for your members. If you have a large number of locations, we can import them for you from an Excel spread sheet for a nominal fee.

  • 4) Set Up Your Shares:
    Will you offer vegetable or fruit shares? How about a salad share? Perhaps your farm specializes in meat shares. Half shares, full shares, You're the farmer, you decide! Use the Toolbox to set up a special offer like honey, corn stalks, or peak season items. You choose how many shares your farm will produce and how much each share will contain per week.

  • 5) Set Up a PayPal Account:
    If you have opted to allow customers to order online using their credit card, you will need to set up a PayPal account at For those of you unfamiliar with PayPal, we recommend you read PayPal information page, to walk you through this process.

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