CSA Membership Tool
Our Toolbox manages a vast array of options for you and your members. These options include whether a member has volunteered to host a pick-up location, is willing to work on the farm, requires a vacation stop, was referred to your service and by whom, has signed up for multiple contacts, etc.

The Toolbox allows farmers to decide if they want a weekly reminder of their CSA pick-up, this is different than the weekly newsletter. This is a simple, automated E-mail designed to remind the member their pick-up day. The member can choose if they want to have this notice sent the morning of the delivery or the evening prior. This simple, automated reminder is especially helpful during the middle of the growing season when farm work is especially busy and longer notices, like newsletters, are too time consuming to send out. A weekly reminder helps eliminate not picked-up shares.

The customer's always right, except for when they're not. Unfortunately, sometimes members can become more difficult than their business is worth. The Toolbox has a convenient, yet subtle way to prevent a specific member from signing up for a share. When the member in question tries to sign up for a share, rather than tell the member he is blocked, the screen will simply show that there are no shares available at this time.

Vacation stops can be a tremendous headache for the farmer to manage, especially in large CSAs. With the Toolbox, customers can log on to the website and place their shares on vacation hold. You the farmer can easily provide a member the option to reschedule to another week, donate their weekly share to a local food bank, or deliver the weekly share to a different pick-up location. Which options your farm will provide is your choice. Simply select what you prefer on your preferences page. (Through your login you can view which members have vacation stops pending the weekly harvest schedule will reflect these changes when showing you the number of shares needed for that week.)

The CSA toolbox will also trace member payments, balances due, and shares ordered and paid for. For more information, see our billing system.

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