About PayPal
Plan on a couple of hours over the course of a week, to get your PayPal account set-up verified and ready to use.

Things you will need
1. Your banks information and a statement & check
2. Your credit card information and a statement
3. Your Social Security Number (because of fraud)
4. An e-mail address (not hotmail or gmail, because of fraud) we can help you with this
5. A logo (150 pix by 50 pix) we can help you with this
6. Basic business information
7. Where you will be using PayPal (http://www.CSAtoolbox.com)

Some words of warning:
I have a PayPal account and I use my standard business checking account for PayPal. This gives them the right to take money out of that account for 6 months after a sale. So like most CSA’s if you get most of your money in May they can take it back out until October long after you have already delivered the product and spent the money. PayPal has millions of customers, and like any business there are always a few problem customers. due to the nature of PayPals business, someone is always trying to defraud the system. So if you are worried about having your funds removed from your account you may want to set-up a bank account with another bank just for PayPal.

Most of this is the same as if you were to set-up a credit card account with your local bank or one of the many merchant services available. PayPal just gets more attestation because of the internet.

It may be a wise idea for you to use PayPal’s Fraud Management Filters

Over all I consider PayPal an easy to use web site. They walk you through the set-up process, and have prompts for what you still need to do.

You also do not want your members getting charged extra by using PayPal. PayPal tries to pay as little as possible in fees because of this they will try to process payments from your members as ATM or debits some banks will then charge your members up to 3% or more for a cash advance fee.

PayPal can also place a hold for several months on money they have received for you, if they think there may be fraud involved. So you may not get your money for 2 ro 3 months in some cases.
Here is a very good article from Growing for Market about taking credit cards on line from a CSA point of view The dark side of taking credit cards online

No monthly, set-up, or cancellation fees. Low transaction fees 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD

Things we will need from you
1. Your PayPal e-mail address
2. Your PayPal Merchant Name
3. Your Secure Merchant Account ID
! ! ! Never give out your PayPal password ! ! !
It should only be needed to remove funds from your account

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