CSA Pick-up Site Management Tool
As the farmer, you can utilize the Pick-up Management Tool to efficiently manage and monitor your Pick-up site locations. This will allow you more control over your Pick-up sites. The automated control helps breed a good business relationship between you and your Pick-up site hosts, which in turn positively affects your members.

Using the Pick-up Management Tool you can specify how many shares can be delivered to and stored at each Pick-up location. You make that decision based on the storage capacity of each Pick-up site and with the input of your site hosts. Then enter that information into preferences. The Pick-up Management Tool then goes to work for you to prevent any single Pick-up location from becoming over crowded. When the maximum number of shares for a Pick-up site has been reached, that Pick-up location will no longer be shown as available when a customer is signing up for a share.

With the CSA toolbox, your members are not limited to a single share or a single Pick-up location. If a customer likes his share he can choose to have a share for his mother who lives in a different city (within your delivery area) and that member can set up and pay for the additional share.

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